Membership Benefits

Networking Opportunities

When you join the ATA, you will deepen existing business relationships and make new contacts on a regular basis. As you attend meetings, become active on a committee, or take a prominent leadership role, you will forge lasting ties with other transportation and transit professionals with similar interests and business concerns.


The ATA offers its members the chance to update their knowledge of transportation and transit-related issues and to acquire new skills through seminars, workshops, breakout sessions at conferences, and online courses.

Conferences & Seminars

ATA members receive priority registration for the annual ATA conference and may receive discounts on conference fees or special rates on related expenses, such as hotel reservations and car rentals.

Community Organization

ATA committees actively tracks federal and state legislative developments that could have an impact on public transit.Your membership in the ATA will provide an opportunity to highlight public policy issues and interact with local community leaders to ensure the public is kept abreast of the changes and challenges facing the transportation community. By participating in these educational forums, you can ensure the interests of your organization are heard.

Membership Levels

Membership dues are based on the transit system’s annual budget. The following shows the annual dues for each membership level.

Transit System

Annual Budget Dues
$0-$500,000 $250/year
$500,001- $1,000,000 $500/year
$1,000,001- $2,000,000 $750/year
$2,000,001-$5,000,000 $1000/year
$5,000,000+ $2,500/year
Business Members $500/year

This class consist of organizations or individuals that are engaged in professional work and/or the manufacturing, supplying, or selling of goods or services relevant to public transportation.

Associate Members $250/year

This class consists of any individual, agency, organization, or corporation desiring to support the Corporation.

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