Transportation in Alabama

In our efforts to encourage and sustain economic development activity in the state, The Alabama Transportation Association has recently engaged the Alabama State Legislature to ask that state lawmakers reconsider their role in supporting public transit options for Alabamians.

Did You Know?

  • Alabama is 1 of only 5 states in the union who do not currently dedicate funds to mass transportation. Adequate funding for public transportation plays a critical role in recruiting and sustaining competitive industries in Alabama.
  • Alabama municipalities do not receive state-funded allotments for transportation expenditures.
  • Public transportation has seen significant growth for the last several years, outpacing daily highway travel.
  • Inconsistent capital funding means negative shifts and declines in operating performance and efficiencies.
  • Transit agencies in Alabama would be better positioned to comply with federal regulations if long-term funding cycles could be established.
  • Public transit is critical to the survival and growth of our communities.
  • Businesses want to invest in cities and towns with accessible public transportation options for their employees.
  • Sustainable funding will allow transit systems to better serve the mobility needs of the citizens in Alabama.
  • Investing in transit is a forward-looking societal trend. Alabama transit systems are working together to end the century old stance of disinvestment in public transit.